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EaterWire: La Provence Expands, NYC's Wolfgang's Steakhouse Coming, El Chavo Answers and MORE

SILVER LAKE: Regarding the question about the space next to El Chavo we posted a few days ago: According to Eating L.A., Melanie Tusquellas is renovating "the former private banquet room and make the restaurant and bar more spacious." Tusquellas, who also owns Edendale Grill, bought El Chavo last year. [ELA Comments]

BRENTWOOD: We received a note that La Provence, owned by French pastry chef Farshid Hakim, will open a second location in the Brentwood Gardens (11677 San Vincente Blvd.) by the end of this year. The new shop is a bit larger than the original in Beverly Hills and will feature vintage home décor items alongside the pastries, tarts, cakes and café fare. Is it us or is Brentwood the new sugar-rush-bakery mecca of LA? [EaterWire Inbox]

BEVERLY HILLS: Love the irony: Rumor has it that NYC import Wolfgang's Steakhouse will replace Umenohana, the very short-lived Japanese tofu restaurant that couldn't quite make it on Canon Drive. [EaterWire]

BEVERLY HILLS: The gilded chocolate shop Madam Chocolat has added curbside pick-up service. Soon we'll never have to leave our cars or anything! Ever!! [EaterWire Inbox]

El Chavo pic from tantek, Flickr