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AIA/LA Restaurant Design Winners: Tanzore and Red Seven for the Judges, Edison for the People

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The AIA (American Institute of Architects) announce the Los Angeles 2007 Restaurant Design Award winners tonight, and while there aren't many shockers---the design at Tanzore is loverly---one judges' pick for nightclub, Omega, is now a restaurant called Las Papas N Beer, a Mexican joint that opened two weeks ago (a bit of Dish in there for ya). Anyhoo, the winners for restaurant, cafe/bar and lounge/nightclub, coming right up.

Restaurant Category
Tanzore (AkarStudios)
Red Seven (Project Designs NYC)

Intelligentsia, Tonx/Flickr

Café/Bar Category
Intelligentsia (Bestor Architecture)
I Dream of Cake (in SF; by Montalba Architects, Inc.)

Omega, AIA/LA

Lounge/Nightclub Category
Omega (Preen Inc.; now a Mexican resto called Las Papas N Beer)
[ed. note: unsure why the judges picked this place over Edison]


Lounge/Nightclub: The Edison (Kelly Architects)
[Ahh...the peoples, they got it right]

Others people's choice: Tanzore (restaurant), Peach House (San Gabriel; cafe)
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