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Post-Plywood: Terroni Looks Ready

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MID-CITY/GROVE: Several tipsters send word this morning that Terroni has reached the Post-Ply phase. From one: "Drove by Terroni last night and this morning and the plywood has come down. The tables and chairs are in and it looks like we may be days away from pizza." Terroni, as we know, is a Toronto import with Shereen Arazm backing (Parc, Shag), replacing the Authentic Cafe on Beverly and Curson. We saw the doors open a few weeks ago and noticed blondish-colored tables and chairs, a bar with orange leather stools, and a large take-out counter. The windows look like they'll open up right on to the sidewalk. A call to the restaurant reveals an official-ish November 12 debut, but it sounds like things are already in the soft phase, meaning activity is definitely afoot.
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