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Michel Richard Confirmation #3: Dispatch From D.C.

So the Michel Richard/Social rumor is really gaining ground. First Richard is in talks with Jeffrey Chodorow's China Grill Management group to take over the exec chef post at Social. Then he'll debut a menu for a Variety luncheon in November. We got email confirmation from CGM saying they were "in negotiations" with Richard, but no official word that it's a done deal. Now, this from a reader all the way in Washington D.C., where Richard's Citronelle has been since 1994:

I went to Centrale in DC, which is Michel Richard's newest restaurant (note: NOT michael, but said Michelle like the girl's name) and I asked the manager if Michel was going to be opening a restaurant in LA. She said Yes, and that it was called Social. So I think it's a pretty sure thing that he is at least going to be a partner-chef there, which is a good thing because Centrale is amazing. Especially because he is originally from the LA area. ALSO Wolfgang Puck opened a restaurant in DC 3 weeks ago, which is not as good as CUT but pretty good. Lots off good crossover with DC it seems.
How nice of him to school all of us on proper Michel pronunciation. Anyway, yes, this is a damn good sign that it's a done deal. Unless, of course, that manager's been reading Eater, too.
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