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Terroni: First Report

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Yesterday we reported that Terroni was finally about to debut on Beverly Boulevard, and today, we get a note from someone who hit a little F&F last night. First, he completely got the name of the restaurant wrong but said he 'had to much wine,' which may or may not have marred his judgment. Second, he's just so damn excited:

Staff all Italians from Canada, humble with no LA attitude whatsoever. Chef from Bologna. Firstly, the space is gorgeous--very clean Italian lines, much higher ceiling than Authentic, and the snazziest espresso-machine-centered bar ever.

To my mind, as good or better food than the pizzeria at Mozza, notwithstanding the pizza's, which I haven't tried. But to me the pizza's at Mozza were not as good as the rest of the food, and NOT authentic in any way--these likely will be. The owner will also have a strict no modifications, no substitutions policy, not unlike a famous burger bar. He will not even cut pizza's-they will be whole. Have no idea what the prices will be, but I am thinking affordable. Even the service was great. A near flawless experience.

Interesting that Mozza is used as the arbiter of great Italian food in LA. All in all Terroni sounds like promise. We were told it will be ready in a couple weeks, with a possible November 12 debut.
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