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Eater Video EXCLUSIVE: Sebastian's, Kitchen Nightmares First LA Victim

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We haven't seen the whole season of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, but we've seen snippets and were thoroughly entertained. Is it over the top? Of course. It's Ramsay, it's Fox, it's a gratuitous use of the f-word (our favorite). Now we really have a reason to watch: The November 7 episode brings Gordo to his first LA victim, Sebastian's on Riverside Drive, a place we never heard of but apparently it's casual, very neighborhoody, owned by a couple of Boston expats. FOX gave us a couple of exclusive sneak peeks at the episode, just a click away.

Gordo takes a look around the Sebastian's kitchen, a wonderful world of frozen and fried mushroom caps.

Ramsay and Sebastian make it to reopening night. We don't know what the changes are, we don't know how the kitchen or staff will do, that's all for our viewing on Nov. 7 (9pm). But this is funny, from a Yelp review a few weeks ago, several months after KN filming ended: "After I emerged from the restroom, I walked past the owner of Sebastian's who was watching Gordon Ramsay on an episode of his new show, Kitchen Nightmares. 'This guy doesn't know anything about the restaurant business', he mumbled to himself." Who else has been to Sebastian's? We'd love to hear pre- and post-Kitchen Nightmare stories below, or drop us a line if you prefer.
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