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Don't Forget to Set That TiVo: Top Chef, 10pm

We're rounding the bend, people. The Top Chef finale airs tonight, and we'll finally get to see who wins, who cries, who throws knives. We just made that last one up. For a little pre-TV reading, we've found some best of the web thoughts on tonight's show and the season past. Enjoy.

1) Ted Allen says there will be lots of drama tonight. Padma says no more games, all cooking. Gail Simmons...agrees. And why was Dale cooking on iVillage. Singled out already? [Blogging Top Chef]

2) "Bravo also hints that some eliminated chefs will be back for the episode, as in past seasons, but not in what capacity." To sous or not sous, that is the question. [The Stew]

3) Hung may have a soul filled with Vietnamese food memories, but his mother's restaurant is sadly gone not gone, just closed for lunch. Look at the pics! This show was the best PR that restaurant ever had. [Amuse-Biatch]

4) Hung talks about his passion on Buddy TV, but notice his family story is much more dramatic than what he told us a few weeks ago.

5) Final thoughts from the final three. [Gothamist]

Keep yourself busy until the finale: Eater LA's Top Chef fun, and interviews with CJ and Tom Colicchio.

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