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EaterWire Eastside Edition: Booze at Senor Fish, Little Dom's, LA Mill Updates and MORE

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EAGLE ROCK: Booze Alert: Senor Fish just got a full liquor license so you can now get a margarita with your fish tacos. (4803 Eagle Rock Blvd.) [Eaterwire Inbox]

SILVER LAKE: A reader queries: "Any word on the LA Mill Coffeehouse? Wasn't it suppsed to open this month?" Why, yes, last we checked, it was October. According to PR, there's still no firm date, but maybe mid-November. [Eaterwire Inbox]

LOS FELIZ: There seems to be a lot of chatter about when Dominick's off-shoot Little Dom's will open, but the owners will not pin down a date. Could be November, could be before Thanksgiving and it just might be after. We'll go with after, by about two weeks. Just guessing, here. [Eaterwire]

ATWATER VILLAGE: Franklin Avenue has details on the still unnamed wine shop opening in the same complex as Starbucks, Crispy Crust and H&R Block. And Eating L.A. has word on the forthcoming Soy Café; the owner's sister-in-law owns Pho Café nearby. [Franklin Ave./Eating L.A.]

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