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La Fonda's Closing, But Where Will It Go Next?

Those who know and love it are lamenting the loss of La Fonda on Wilshire, and our faithful reader AFS is no different. But in addition to his fond farewell, a tip about where owner Nati Cano might be relocating:

I had to say goodbye to the LA Fonda with the parents and a couple of friends this weekend. I almost grew up there with every major birthday, engagement etc always held there. Anyway, as a DT resident, I kept hearing the craziest rumor for the new location of LA Fonda. As you may already know Nati (the owner) plans on relocating DT but he's been pretty tight lipped on where and clues. But the rumors I heard Saturday night kept pointing to 9th and Broadway in the old Hacienda location.
On KNBC, Cano said about the move: "I can't say exactly where, but next year we're going to open another place downtown." We don't know when La Hacienda Real closed, but apparently it is, so it's available space. Anyone with details, you know what to do.
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