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Bastide Chairgate: New Chairs "Very Comfortable"

While we've heard from many that dining at Bastide is well worth the wait (one person called the meal "transcendent"), but we were yet to hear a critique of the new chairs. Priorities, people. Finally, a report:

"The chairs in question are stylish (well, as stylish as wicker can be) and modern, and actually quite comfortable - our meal lasted well over 4 hours and we were all very comfortable in our seats. They are tremendously better looking than the erstwhile black travesties, and actually render the space much more attractive and complete than it did in the previous photos, albeit it is still fairly stark."
The choice of wicker is a step in the right direction, but let's hope there's some padding by now. Even our ample booties couldn't withstand four hours of woven surface. As for the food: "The meal itself, of course, was brilliant - really one of the best meals and friendly, unpretentious service I've experienced in LA. We were all a bit confused by the odd (but delightful) "deconstructed taco", but charmed to over-satiation by nearly everything."
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