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Top Chef Listage: It's a Huynh-Win Situation

Everyone everywhere is a-buzz with Hung Huynh's big win on Top Chef last night. We do the work so you don't have to.

· Bruni's hooked, felt "genuine stab of sadness" when Dale lost [Diner's Journal]
· Rocco DiSpirito talks about being Hung's bitch [Rocco's Blog]
· "Hung took us for a smooth, yet exhilarating ride." [Gail's Blog]
· Oh no he didn't say 'Well, Hung' [Ted Allen's Blog]
· Hung plays the reserved role, for once [Grub Street]
· Padma, the duck, Dale, Padma, Hung... [Chowhound]
· Hung's win "bodes well for Hillary, bodes well for America" [Gawker]
· Detailed run-through of the final ep [Serious Eats]
· Hung sizzled, Dale fizzled, Casey crumbled [EW]
· Dale Levitski Watch: 2nd place still rocks [The Stew]
· Song for Hung's Monkey [Blogging Top Chef]
· Poem for Casey [Blogging Top Chef]
· Song for Dale [Blogging Top Chef]

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