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Hangover Observations: Comme Ca Opening Party

Last night, David Myers & CO threw the doors open to his new French brasserie, Comme Ca (we're too lazy to add the cedilla every time, but it's pronounced "come sah"). The place is beautiful: Dark wood shelves all around the bar area filled with dishware, glasses, blackboards and books. The front dining room has white leather banquettes, tall columns, walls filled with ornate mirrors, great wood floors. Two rooms toward the back, one with a fireplace, walls covered with black and white photos and prints, perfect lighting. It reminded us of Osteria Mozza a bit, but in a French way. The food and drink never stopped.

Fresh briny Malpec and creamy Fanny Bay oysters, oxtail bruschetta, onion tartlets, croque monsieur, steak tartare, caramel cream puffs, two tables of cheese from Beverly Hills Cheese store. Everything, and we mean everything, worked. Dry as the sand, Myers told us it was catered. We're so gullible; we believed him. Copious amounts of French wine and Champagne, tangy cocktails made with fresh berries or cucumber, and some scotch something or other people were raving about. You know a party's good when other chefs start arriving (Joachim Splichal, Jason Travi and his wife, and Sang Yoon), especially late, after their own restaurants close. Myers says the restaurant will open by the end of the month, early November, "Give us a couple weeks to get it right." (And also for all those pesky West Hollywood permits to come through.) The restaurant is located at 8479 Melrose Avenue (across from Ago). Below, the menu. Get excited: Now.