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AIA Restaurant Design Awards Finalists Announced

Craft, Edison

Okay, so we're cursed when it comes to our Top Chef picks but we did predict a few contenders for AIA/LA's Restaurant Design Awards, including front-runners Craft, The Edison, and yes, even Pinkberry. The winners will be picked from 14 finalists, and once again this year, you can voice your opinion and vote for the People's Choice Award. Voting ends October 22; winners are announced October 24.

· Blue Velvet (designed by TAG Front Architects)
· BOA Santa Monica (designed by TAG Front Architects)
· Craft (designed by Bentel & Bentel Architects)
· Red Seven by Wolfgang Puck (designed by Project Designs NYC)
· Rustic Canyon Wine Bar (designed by The Cinnamon Nest)
· Tanzore (designed by AkarStudios)

· I Dream of Cake (designed by Montalba Architects, Inc.)
· Intelligentsia (designed by Bestor Architecture)
· Kara’s Cupcakes (designed by Montalba Architects, Inc.)
· Lou Wine Bar (designed by Bestor Architecture)
· Peach House (designed by Make Architecture)
· Pinkberry Koreatown (designed by Young Lee Design)

· Omega (designed by Preen Inc.)
· The Edison (design by Kelly Architects)

When voting please remember to separate the faux froyo from the fabulous decor---we're judging on looks alone here.
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