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The Myers Empire: A Primer

David Myers & CO and the whole Sona-Boule-Boule Atelier-Comme Ca vortex has more than a few people confused lately. One reader is simply beside himself:

"I'm very confused. I always thought the nondescript brown building on La Cienega was Sona. It is, afterall, next to Boule. And I swore that cream-colored sign up above with the pink-and-green design said Sona... not Sprinkles??? Today around 6:30 pm I walked by (I'm an eastsider, rarely on that side of town) and checked out the progress on the Atelier (not nearly complete), then was alarmed at the saws and drills and construction at that brown building. It's not Boule Atelier, because I saw a few doors South already! I swear I read the sign three times to see a cursive "Sprinkles" on it? Where is Sona? And what sort of construction is going on here? Please help."
First, we'll let it slide that you don't know where Sona is because you're an eastsider actually venturing west of [insert your boundary here]. And we've covered all of this before, but let's round it up in one neat little package because with all the moving and debuting going on, you're not the only one flummoxed.

(1) Sona isn't the brown building next to Boule; it's actually across the street, on the corner of La Cienega and Oakwood Avenue. The building is white. You'll know it by the flurry of valet activity.

(2) That brown building next to Boule is Sprinkles, but we were told that it's the corporate office and a bakery, not retail. Although now that Boule is moving a few doors down, and there's drilling going on...perhaps Sprinkles will open the doors for cupcake sales. Yet to be seen.

(3) Boule Atelier, as you noted, is still under construction. The opening party got everyone in a sugar-filled tizzy for its debut, but we heard it might not open for at least another month due to "delays." Once Atelier opens, Boule Bev Hills will open.

(4) If that's not enough of a Myers' fix, as noted yesterday, David's new brasserie Comme Ca will be a surefire hit once it opens around the corner on Melrose. Officially, at least today, we're told that it will definitely debut in October.
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