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The Next Iron Chef: Reactions Week 1

In truth, we have last night's premiere ep of The Next Iron Chef waiting for us on DVR. We saw a blip of the dessert competition---Josie chef Jill Davie was in last place in the quickfire-type challenge and got last pick for the elimination round, forcing her to choose beef for some dessert concoction---but that was about it. Wait, we also saw Alexandria, VA chef Morou Ouattara tear into chicken, oysters, coconut and ribs like nobody's business. We know who was kicked off the first episode, and let's just say it was one of two females. LA's Jill Davie and San Diego's Gavin Kaysen are still in for the win. Way to represent, SoCal. Since we don't have much to say about the show (though our SF counterpart does,) here are some thoughts from around the way. And for the record, we have a feeling we'll likey this show when we finally get around to watching it.

(1) A serious rundown of events on Serious Eats includes deets on the chefs, moment-by-moment play, judges reactions and so much more. Phew, that's a lot of damn blogging. Who the heck needs a TiVo? [Serious Eats]

(2) Too bad the first chef to go had to be a woman. [Amateur Gourmet on The Next Iron Chef]

(3) Bon Appetit restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton says it really all came down to one bad decision on the chef's part: salmon roe. Normally a perky, salty burst of fishy flavor, just not in dessert. Eee-yuck. [BA Blog]

(4) Weaning themselves off the Top Chef high, the Hounds were easily sucked in by the promise of more televised cooking challenges. What's not to love about "real" chefs with real skills cooking real food. Even if that entails making a tripe desserts. [Chowhound]
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