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Double-Booked: JBF Dinner or Michelin LA Party?

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Oh, what to do, what to do. In honor of the James Beard Foundation's "impact on California cuisine," Studio executive chef James Boyce is hosting a dinner at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach with a few of his friends---Suzanne Goin, David Myers and Nancy Silverton, to be exact. But the dinner is at the same time as the Michelin Guide's release party, an invite-only event with LA's newly starred chefs plus "friends of the industry." Those three chefs will probably get starred in the guide, so when they get the call from Michelin's Jean-Luc Naret that morning with the news and a personal invite to the celebration, they'll have to politely turn him down (for the party, not the stars). Bummer. For anyone who wants to congratulate the three in the OC, seats for the dinner are still available (Nov. 12, 6pm; $200 per person; 949.715.6420 for reservations).
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