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Eater StarWatch: Paul Allen at Comme Ca, Eva at Parc, Lindsay at Pitfire, Richies Young and Old, and MORE

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As you nurse your Halloween hangover back to health, don't forget to keep your bloodshot eyes peeled for celebs. Send all the gory details our way.


COMME CA: While doing recon on Comme Ca, we spotted Paul Allen at the Melrose brasserie last Thursday, ironically the same day Microsoft bought (a piece of) Facebook. He was in the back corner, near the fireplace, in jeans and a denim shirt, with two attractive women. [StarWatch]

PARC: As her Beso drags its feet across the street, Eva Longoria got a private kitchen tour at the Hollywood Boulevard resto after eating with her five girlfriends. [People]

PITFIRE PIZZA COMPANY: She's baaaaack! Clean and sober StarWatch regular Lindsay Lohan stopped by the Valley pizza parlor twice this week. Maybe they're just like the pies in rehab? [Splash News Online]

NINETEEN 12: Looks like the new bar in the Beverly Hills Hotel is hot...for the over-55 crowd. Lionel Richie entertained friends while Sylvester Stallone enjoyed a stogie on the patio. [Planet Gossip]

NINE THIRTY: Ok, so elder Hollywood really likes to hang in places with the word "nine" (maybe it reminds them of their bedtime). Anthony Hopkins and Ian McKellen spotted each other then sat together at the W in Westwood. [People]

JOAN'S ON THIRD: Nicole Richie, Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad of The Hills, and Samantha Ronson held a paparazzi convention on Tuesday. [PopSugar]

MAGNOLIA: Jessica Simpson and her former assistant Cacee Cobb had dinner with other ladies in Hollywood. [Planet Gossip]

MULBERRY STREET: At the Encino location, and dressed in an oversized brown hoodie, shorts and Nikes, Steve Perry grabbed his take-out pizza. [Defamer]