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Dolce Owner Celebrates Red Sox Win in Denver Jail

EATER EXLUSIVE: One of the Dolce Group partners apparently had a little too much, um, fun in Denver last week. We're tipped off that Mike Malin spent 15 hours in a jail cell following Game 4 of the World Series "for allegedly assaulting a waitress at a local sports bar." We have no idea what kind of assault, but Dolce Group PR tells us, "Malin is working with his legal team to properly handle the misunderstanding and the charges."

Apparently the former Big Brother contestant (and winner, we think) is a huge Red Sox fan found himself 'celebrating' the win. The last time we saw Malin was opening night at Ketchup when cameras followed him around for some TV spot; no (obvious) server groping or abuse was present. The Dolce Group also owns Dolce, Geisha House, Bella and Les Deux. (**Leave getting the mugshot to the pros: The Smoking Gun and TMZ have it.) [Eaterwire]