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Eater Inside: Comme Ca

Alen Lin, 10/25/07

Since everyone's on a Comme Ca jag this week, let's have a look around, shall we? The front room is comprised of two areas: the white banquette and tables, and the short tables between the cheese bar and cocktail bar which are reserved for walk-ins. They're using brown butcher paper on the tables now, which adds a little something. Surprisingly both the tin stools and the white plastic chairs are all comfortable enough. The people watchers should try for a banquette seat. It's right in front of the hostess stand to see who's coming and going, with good views into other rooms. It's loud everywhere, but more so in the middle and back dining rooms where the ceilings are lower. The farthest room has a fireplace and it's more intimate; we expect people who don't wish to be seen will be seen there. More about the food here and in the LAT.

Pour les fromagiers

The farthest dining room