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The Dish: Terroni

From what we saw yesterday,Terroni looked every bit ready to open by today. There were all sorts of people around the restaurant, chefs in the kitchen, managers, owners walking about. The heat lamps were turned on outside, the tables were ready to be set up, and a sign on the door said "Coming Tomorrow," which would be today, Monday. But we called last night and confirmed again today: Terroni will in fact open to the public tomorrow, Tuesday, November 13. (Those striking at CBS, take note.) To refresh, Terroni comes by way of Toronto, thanks to nightlife she-guru Shereen Arazm, who got her start at the Canadian restaurant. We spied cute wood booths, lots of tables scattered, brick walls, a large counter with orange leather stools, an open kitchen and high ceilings inside. Expect handmade pastas, hand-tossed uncut pizzas and salads on the menu, but keep in mind: "No subsitutions, no modifications, no reservations." All the expectaion for Terroni here.