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EaterWire: Winston's New Sibling, Cafe Stella Counterpart, Nakkara Takes Over Cafe Vegan

WEST HOLLYWOOD: We caught up with our friend Andy Fiscella, co-owner of TMZ-magnet Winston's, who dished a few more details about his next project, a neighborhood bar/lounge with good food, "but don't call it a gastropub." Although not written in stone yet, Jon Shook and Vinnie Dotolo (of Food Dudes and Two Dudes Catering fame) might be doing the menu. The space is eight blocks from Winston's (in the former Tempest spot on Santa Monica Blvd.), there's no name yet, and he hopes to open around mid-December. [EaterWire]

MID-CITY/BEV CTR: While we were checking out Terroni over the weekend, something caught a nearby neighbor's eye just a few blocks away: "An ever-changing restaurant seems to have transformed again. What was once Wild Orchid, and then Cafe Vegan, on Beverly between Spaulding and Stanley, has apparently transformed over the weekend into a place called Nakkara on Beverly. I can't tell what kind of food it's going to be. I thought maybe the place was going back to Thai. I searched for "nakkara" on Google to see what language it was and it seems to be an Indian/Middle Eastern word for a kind of drum. It looks a bit fancier this time around." We don't have more details, but maybe someone else does? [EaterWire Inbox]

ECHO PARK: We hear from a reader that Café Stella owner Gareth Kantner is looking to open another restaurant called Artisan, a place for "lots of slow cooked this and brick oven that." The décor will be "monk chic," raw woods, beeswax candles, very natural. Tentative location: Sunset Boulevard next to the rec center. [EaterWire Inbox]