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Santa Monica Plywood Report: Chloe, Buddha's Belly

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Some news from the corner of Broadway and 2nd Street.


(1) On the left side of the Hotel Carmel entrance, Magnolia (Hollywood) owners Laurie Mulstay and Ron Marino plan to open Chloe by the end of November. "Less restaurant than Magnolia," Mulstay tells us. "But cocktail food." She says it's a modern take on a 1930s French lounge. When we walked by the former Voda space couple weeks ago, it was completely gutted, so workers must be moving fast. [EaterWire]


(2) And on this corner, to the right of the hotel entrance, we have the new outpost of Buddha's Belly still completely Plywooded up. Last we checked with the original on Beverly Boulevard (not closing), the owners were hoping for October. When we walked by on a recent weekend, no work happening whatsoever (but it was the weekend). Now we hear December, "if all goes well." Of course. [EaterWire]