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'Que News: NY BBQ, J N J Burger & Bar-B-Que

MID-CITYish: Yes, the LA Weekly did use the headline "Ribbed For Her Pleasure" for Jonathan Gold's review of J N J Burger & Bar-B-Q, a little shack east of the Culver City Media District. From Gold: "J N J cooks in a different style from Phillips and Woody’s, and the barbecue is perhaps a bit less polished, but Phillips and Woody’s don’t happen to be a three-minute drive from Sony. And there’s Mom’s sweet-potato pie for dessert." [5754 W. Adams Blvd., 323.933.7366]

MID-CITY: Another barbecue spot, though much newer than J N J, has caused some Chowhound chatter: NY BBQ. No one's really sure why it's NY, since New York isn't really known for it's 'cue, but word is the quality is there and it's worth a try---that is, if you have the patience to deal with incredibly slow service. [901 S La Brea Ave., 323.934.4343]