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TMZ at It Again: Live Feed From Toast

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Could just be us, but being 'live streamed' while eating lunch at Toast for all of TMZ's audience to see would really leave a bad taste in our mouth. And it wouldn't just be the tuna wrap. Yes, there are people in this town who will do anything to be on camera for anything (really?). Personally, we think it's an invasion of privacy, even though, yes, it's a public setting. That whole public/privacy bullshit the paparazzi use to get their pictures and video is just that to us: complete crap.

But what do the restaurants think about this? We just spoke with Toast's manager Luigi who said the cameraman approached him and said what he wanted to do. Luigi thought it was a strange request, but said it was OK until someone complained. From what we understand, the cameraman is unmarked; those diners don't know who he is or where that video will end up. So if you planned on having lunch today at Toast and don't want to be watched on TMZ, complain when you get there. The TMZ cameraman promised to shut down as soon as it made customers uncomfortable. Of course, if you want to go and wave to all your friends, they're there for that too. Or someone just sits and flips them off the whole that would be entertaining.
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