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Restaurants Shed the Fat For a Sticker

Today the Department of Public Health launched the "Voluntary Artificial Trans Fat Reduction Program" for restaurants to reduce or eliminate the use of trans fat oils on their menus. We're the West Coast, people. Unlike some cities, we don't need no stinking laws. However, the small print has us a bit confused:

*Federal regulations provide that foods with trans fat values of less than 0.5 grams per serving may be listed as zero grams of trans fat. This facility does not store, distribute, serve or use in the preparation of any menu item food containing partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, shortening or margarines with 0.5 grams or more trans fat per serving except food served directly to patrons in a manufacturer's original, sealed package.
So it's OK if a place serves Twinkies or pies made with Crisco, if it's made and packaged by someone else? Hmmm. Nonetheless, the big woo of the whole ordeal is if a restaurant complies, it gets this nifty decal to hang next to its letter grade. County health officials say most restaurants will comply "to get the decal." No, not for customers' health, but for the decal.
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