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Eater's Journal: Terroni

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It's only a few days old, but some quick thoughts from lunch at Terroni today. Nice decor. It feels like its been here for years. Love accents like the Italian Amaretto cookie cans and the antique scale, but wine bottles over the tables will seem like a really bad idea once the big one hits. The two-person booths were more spacious than they look in the seat, not so spacious on the table. Staff should be more earnest in its first week, not so aloof (really, dude, water 3/4 into our meal just isn't cool). Ordered one pasta, one salad, one pizza: All OK, but not the stuff of raves. The pizza crust is thin, crisp where it should be, nice texture; the sauce is a bright marinara. We admire the "our way or the highway" rules, but for the love of sweet baby Jesus, either cut the pizza or supply a proper cutter. It's just annoying to use a cheap steak knife. Our friend gives Terroni a year, but we think it fits the neighborhood (the price point is right, decent Italian) and, hell, if Cobras & Matadors and Buddha's Belly can last this long, Terroni has a shot.
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