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Dish/Plywood South Bay Mash-Up: Mucho, Brix@1601

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Let's stay on the beach for a bit, shall we? Some news from the South Bay makes it way to our inbox today. Got something to share from this, or your, side of the 405? Lay it on us.

MANHATTAN BEACH: They said it would open in November, and what do you know: Mucho Ultima Cantina opens this Sunday in the former Michi space (903 Manhattan Ave.). Here's a sample menu, without prices, but you get the idea. This is a Mike Zislis, owner of nearby Shade Hotel, project. [THE DISH]

HERMOSA BEACH: We've seen some breadcrumbs about Brix@1601 coming to the Hermosa Pavilion, but now hear the restaurant is delayed until February "due to construction issues." More about the space from our tipster: "It is going to be a cafe, a dining room, a private wine cellar underground for people to store wine, and a rooftop private lounge. The chef used to work for the Goodalls at Dakota at the Roosevelt Hotel. They are spending a ridiculous amaount of money, something like 25 million, or so is said by the two gentlemen who own it. Expect lots of chandeliers, leather booths, and bricks all over." Lots of bricks at Brix. Clever. [PLYWOOD]