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Eater Inside: The Del

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The Del, Alen Lin, 10/30/07

Here we have The Del in the former La Marina Inn in Playa del Rey. Owner David Reiss (he of The Brig, Beechwood and Alibi Room fame) took hold of the space earlier this year and slowly opened, quietly, sans sign and fanfare. In May/June, he opened the doors, added the dinner menu by August, and within just the last few weeks, more furniture for the second dining room. Everything's finally fitting into place. Above is the bar area with plenty of table seating and booths. The other dining room, the "grey" room, has a double-sided fireplace and airplane art. By next spring, there will be a patio (Reiss just got the permits to build it) and brunch. Both the bar and dinner menus show promise: handmade gnocchi with hen of the wood mushrooms and truffle or slow-roasted steelhead trout and celery root fondue. Prices aren't nearly as fancy as the dishes sound.

The "grey" room before it was totally finished. Reiss tells us more tables, booths and custom-made airplane art just came in.