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Hell's Kitchen 4 Spoilers: Pizza, New Location

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Yep, it's that time again. Hell's Kitchen 4 debuts in April, but it's never too early for a little spoilin' fun. Several weeks ago, a tipster wrote to say "a plane was flying around our home in Culver City pulling a sign that read Hell's Kitchen pizza delivery." We guessed it was a new pizzeria in his neighborhood. He hits us again last week:

So I emailed you earlier about the Hells Kitchen Pizza sign behind the airplane, today I was driving down Higuera by my house at the intersection of Hayden Ave and there was a sign pointing into the Warehouses for Hell's Kitchen. I followed it and came to a building at the end that had Valet Parking for Hell's Kitchen. Both signs had the HK logo on them also. This combined with a helicopter about a month ago filming the area with searchlights in the sky is enough for me.
For seasons one and two, HK filmed in a former news studio on La Brea; season three was at the FOX Studios lot Century Studios. So they moved production again? Our tipster had his Eater Investigative shoes on and tried to get a closer look: "There was a guard in front of the entry facade with the big HK and flaming Hell's Kitchen logo. I walked over Sunday and tried to get a picture but they are back in a cul de sac, so no reason for someone to walk back there by accident. Safe to say they are in full production swing." So next seaon on Hell's Kitchen we'll have a new studio and at least one pizza episode. Lots to ask Ramsay about tomorrow. Tons.
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