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Edison Will Do Anything to Get Our Attention

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Those crazy Edison kids are at it again. Remember when they had someone get all dressed in an old timey delivery man uniform to hand-deliver invitation "telegrams" for the opening party? Well about 30 minutes ago we got a knock on the Eater door with a delivery. A lovely woman (far more put together then we are at this moment) hands over a mini leather suitcase with all sorts of crazy things inside. Edison stickers on top. We're not sure what a magnifying glass, an empty flask and a faux pearl necklace have to do with anything, but the music and light got our attention. In fact, our words can't do it justice---we had to use video.

Yes, that's the box playing the music, and yes, we edited out our, "What the whats?" Wasteful? A little. Cool? Definitely. Cost to make an impression: About $200 a piece.
· Edison is One Cool Mothereffen Bar. Stop. [~ELA~]