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CleanScores for Clean Eating

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Not to scare you or anything, but restaurant kitchens are apparently nasty, nasty places. At least according, which wants to "reduce the number of food-related illnesses" by diligently reporting every restaurant health inspection, it's current score (and grade) and what, if any, violations were found. From the about page:

By making hygiene inspection results easily accessible to the public, we hope more and more consumers will take this information into account when deciding on a restaurant, creating an incentive for restaurant owners to keep their kitchens clean.
We already have the Department of Public Health Facility Ratings list, which drags a little on the updating, so we're unsure if CleanScores can get the info up any faster. But the new website does make everything look, um, clean because it's all organized in one neat little package and easier to search for an individual restaurant. Osteria Mozza, for instance, had 10 minor infractions which resulted in its score of 90, still a passing "A." No mention, however, of the recent "B" standing. Not that it stopped people from going anyway.
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