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Eater Inside: Mes Amis

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Mes Amis, Alen Lin, 11/19/07

Can two French restaurants exist on one Los Feliz street? Mais oui. Here we have Mes Amis, which opened a few weeks ago (November 8 to be exact). The difference between it and Figaro nearby: According to owner Salvatore "Chip" Garamella, everything. He and his wife Laurence ran Figaro for a few years, but Mes Amis is a bit more high-end, slightly more refined. Totally still Eastside, though. The space was part of Tiger Lily next door, and after three months of lightening and brightening (via custom-made French doors, country-yellow walls and amber light fixtures), it quietly opened with these booths, a small wine bar, sidewalk and patio seating. The chef, simply knowns as Chef Charbel, worked with the couple at Figaro; here he's creating a "clean" approach to French fare. We think that means fresh ingredients, polished presentations. See for yourself: dinner, lunch, brunch.

Another view inside

And outside...still a little stark, but plants will eventually fill the swooping trellis overhead with planters flanking the sides.