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Village Pizzeria Update: December It Is

Doesn't look like much now, but it's coming

About that Village Pizzeria opening in Hollywood: Yeah, it's a total go. We talked with owner Steve Cohen this morning who was shocked that anyone even cared that his little pizzeria was multiplying. There's a pizza thing happening in town right now, Village Pizzeria is on a lot of people's go-to lists (even Nancy Silverton who told Cohen that her family liked his pizza), so yes, we care. Cohen said that the second location will open on Yuca hopefully before the holidays, maybe around December 20 if all goes well. The original Larchmont location closes for a week around that time, so it would allow his crew to "get the ovens greased."

The reason for the expansion: "I answered the call." By that he means he knew that Hollywood is and will be happening, plus they could use a few more ovens. The layout of the new space will be a little different, and there won't be table service in the beginning: "Eventually we'll add seating and beer and wine, maybe by the end of next year." Hopefully by then the, ahem, "signs of hard nights" won't be so obvious around the storefront. Village Pizzeria Larchmont will stay put.
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