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Thanksgiving Dining: Tables Still Available

So you don't cook the bird or you're a vegetarian. You're family is a million miles away or you just don't want to see them. Or you just procrastinated. Maybe it's all of the above. This is why you love restaurants. There are still tables available if you want to venture out on the town; others are completely booked. We listed a few of each below. You know, there's always Boston Market.

Abode Restaurant, 310.394.3463
Open from 1pm-5:30pm, most of the afternoon available

Craft, 310.279.4180
Tables open between 2pm-4pm. Seating until 8pm.

Jar, 323.655.6566
Completely committed, but serving first-come first-serve at the bar. Open 1pm-7pm.

Joe's Restaurant, 310.399.5811
Fully booked.

Melisse, 310.395.0881
Tables available 3:30pm, 7pm, 7:15pm.

The Original Pantry, 213.972.9279
Open all day. "You ask me when I busy, I tell you we always busy tomorrow!"

Open Table has a detailed list of restaurants open on Thanksgiving. And with that, time to run out and brave the Whole Foods crowds for last-minute Thanksgiving items. Have a great holiday weekend!