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Week in Reviews: Terroni, My Taco

The LA Weekly goes online early because of the holiday, thus Jonathan Gold's first look at Terroni. After he gets past the fact that "terroni" is actually a derogatory term (yes, we heard that too), he thinks it's pretty darn Italian for a Canadian restaurant in LA:

Terroni’s pizza is good stuff: skinny, crunchy most of the way through, served as in Italy in individual uncut rounds, topped with things like broccoli rabe and crumbled sausage; Gorgonzola, honey and walnuts; or plain old mozzarella and tomato sauce.
Except for those things he doesn't, like the canned tuna on salads and some of the pizza toppings "designed to appeal to 16-year-old Vespa jocks." Gold also reviews My Taco in Highland Park where he finds the carne asada fries "the Mount Everest of fine gabacho cuisine."
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