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Damn Whole Foods

For those who hang on our every word (as it should be), there are no fresh-by-the-hour donuts at the new Pasadena Whole Foods. Per a reader: "When I went to the new Whole Foods in Pasadena on opening day (after reading about it on your site), I was very interested in trying one of their donuts because you reported on november 6th: '...made-to-order everything, and...wait for it...fresh donuts by the hour.' Well, not so much! I asked a salesperson and she said (unfortunately) that is not true. They make them about twice a day. She added that she didn’t know why people were asking her that. Maybe those people are a testament to your loyal fan base?" In our minds, of course, that's true. But in reality, it was the Whole Foods press release that touted donuts by the hour, so everyone was reporting it. [~ELA~]