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Plans Change: Peel/Perrin Take Wine Bar to Culver City

From a reader earlier this week: "The 'space for rent' sign went back up on the oasis spot that Mark Peel was going to take over for his wine bar...any news? I live one block away and was eagerly awaiting its arrival!"

It turns out that Peel's plans for the La Brea wine bar and shop fell through. Not entirely, just for that spot. According to Jay Perrin, Campanile GM and partner in the new project, they were "offered an amazing space in Culver City that was too good to pass up." From the breadcrumbs (meeting with the designers; "a few months"), the project sounded well on its way. Blame the typical city red tape---the words "parking issues" were used. So Culver City wins again. Developing.
Mark and Jay's Excellent Wine Adventure [~ELA~]