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EaterWire: Comme Ca Does Lunch, Cafe at the Vista, Monsieur Marcel Dangling

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Alen Lin, 10/25/07

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Now that the (cheese) wheels are properly greased, Comme Ca officially starts lunch this week, Mon-Fri only, 11am. A light menu is offered from 2:30p-5p, and it stays open until 11pm. The breakfast and weekend brunch menus will start in mid-December. [EaterWire]

SILVER LAKE: The historic Vista Theater opened a cafe next door, and you can take those "delicious" coffee drinks and "fantastic" desserts right into the movie. We prefer brew and views, but lattes and scones will do, too. 4469 Sunset Dr, 323.660.4722. [LAT]

SANTA MONICA: One of our regular tipsters took a stroll along the Promenade this weekend: "Monsieur Marcel looks just about ready to go. The chairs are there, inside and out, and there are even tiny pine trees next to each seat at the bar inside. But it's not open and has a few big notices on the window that it's looking for a line cook." Remember folks, we love the tips, but we heart snaps---send 'em here. [EaterWire]