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FW: Possible Deathwatch in the 'Dena

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Welcome back to the Eater Complaints Dept. where Eater readers are invited to vent, vent, vent, and never get kicked off the boards. Got a gripe or some praise? We're here for you.

From: Anonymous
Date: Monday, November 26
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: Possible Deathwatch in the Dena

I'm very sad to inform you that a cherished little resto off The Blvd may be headed for Deathwatch status. The CrepeVine Bistro served traditional French bistro fare and had an extensive sweet and savory crepe menu that served well into the wee-hours of the night. On a recent visit, the waitress announced to our table the change in menu, which consisted of pizzas and the reduced crepe menu. Gourmet and yummy as they were; I lamented the passing of such fare as Steak Frites, Venison Medallions and the savory crepe menu. Why the change?! The same wonderful FoH staff is there. Please bring forth the answers! Is it in the kitchen? Change in management?

Yours in sorrow,