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BREAKING: Beso Details Finally Unfurl

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Sometimes, when you need to get information about a Los Angeles restaurant, you just have to go to the source: Boston. Or in this case, a train from New York to Boston. That's where we found celebrity chef Todd English today, who finally finally gave some deets on the forthcoming Beso. Here's what we know:

The restaurant is indeed a partnership between him (rather, his restaurant group) and Eva Longoria, with a smattering of other Hollywood types and investors thrown in for good measure. The concept is restaurant and lounge, natch. (This is Hollywood, people.) The food: "Olives meets Spain meets Mexican steakhouse." There will be a ceviche bar ("more like sashimi meets ceviche"), a wood-burning oven, fresh fruit cocktails. English says he's dead-set on bringing good food to the neighborhood, that they'll capitalize on the farmer's market that takes place right outside out the door; he wants fresh, he wants organic. "We want it to be the real deal."

The chef is Robert Gonsalves, who's worked for English for more than 12 years, most recently at Olives at Bellagio. Why Todd English in LA, why now? "This was an interesting and unique opportunity," he says. "Celebrity restaurants usually don't have substance to them, they can go away quick. I don't believe that anyone from Eva's side wants that to happen. I'm there to make sure that doesn't happen." Soft opening in December, public opening in January. Now that English and Eater are BFFs, we'll have more details as they unfold.
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