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Name That Venue: Historic, Renovated, Only $1.25 Mil

Step right up ladies and gents, guys and gals, peeps and pimps. It's time to play Name that Venue, everyone's favorite real estate guessing game! [Cue game show music.] We have the deets on an unnamed spot, you guess who's looking to sell. No guarantees or confirmations---these listings are always anonymous---so it's all in good fun. But let's have a go, shall we?

This is a very unique and rare opportunity to assume ownership of a roughly 10,000 square feet restuarant and lounge. 47 and 58 licenses included. Well reviewed professional chef, management, maitre 'd etc. 2 Full bars. Lounge DJ, live entertainment, and many booked events. Over 1m annual potential on filming alone, top notch modern design worth $2m and has been featured on TV and print. New American/California cuisine, classic architecture. Located on first floor of 200 unit apt. building. Priced for quick sale.
A few more clues: Building built in 1920, and it's part of a "revitalization boom" on Wilshire Boulevard. Too easy. Our tipster says, "They're asking $1.25 mil, a little out of my price range." Guesses in the comments field, please.