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Eater Inside: Terroni

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Alen Lin, 11/20/07

The reasonably priced thin-crust pizzas (even if they don't cut them for you), the handmade pasta, the Shereen Arazm connection: This is why Terroni has been packed from day one. But that "no reservations" rule means finding a seat in prime hours is near Mozza proportions. The design (a collaboration by Commute and Giannone Associates Architect, both firms did the Toronto locations; vintage Eames chairs, chandelier from an Italian theatre), the vibe, it all fits the neighborhood, and by first accounts, the "no substitutions, no modifications" rule isn't too much of a bother. Unless, of course, you're one of those people who just can't order off the menu. Then you're screwed. A look at the menu here, more initial thoughts here, and the LAT and LA Weekly take a spin.

For morning espresso and evening vino

Booths around the room

Cafe tables in the corner