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Plywood Cafe Edition: More Urth, More Prana

Grab a cup of coffee for a little afternoon Plywood. Just a nip, to keep you rolling for the rest of the day. Remember: We loves those digital snaps and tips. Anytime.

DOWNTOWN: A tipster came across this signage for the forthcoming Urth Caffe outpost at the Barker Block Lofts on Hewitt Street. For all you Arts Districtites in need of that WeHo-type caffeine fix, yeah, this isn't happening any time soon: Urth HQ tells us "late next year." [Plywood Inbox]

STUDIO CITY: From the clever reader who dubbed it Plyvood: "Signage up seeking staff at the Studio City outpost of Prana Cafe Tea Room underneath the godawful Romanov's (which, for some reason, refuses to be sucked down to the 6th circle of Hell). Must be getting ready to open after about a jillion months." While Romanov won't die (just become more Russian), according to the Prana website, owner Mikayel Israyelyan plans several Prana Cafes around LA. [Plywood Inbox]