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The Flor Morena Mystery

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Former Flor Morena and all. that. parking., Wildbell, Flickr

A reader queries Curbed about the empty Flor Morena space, but there's no reason we can't get in on the action:

"This weekend there was a lot of activity at Flor Morena on Rowena in Silver Lake. Several trucks were there and numerous people/activity. It looks like they were clearing it out (and airing it out as they had all the doors open). I'll try to peek in there in the next few days to see what was done. Maybe someone knows what the plans are for the site?"
Please recall that Flor Morena emptied out late last year, but a little birdie told us the owner was still paying rent on the space as recently as a few months ago. Will it be another restaurant or retail? Flickr photog Wildbell weighs in: "It's just a bit of a anger-inducing mystery how such a parking-rich eatery in such a parking starved environment could fail so miserably and quickly and completely." Tips are always appreciated.
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