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Lowenbrou Keller Turning Into Medusa

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Photo via Tiki Central Forums

Remember that the beloved Lowenbrou Keller closed in August, and fears that the Bavarian wonderland would become just another plain boring ol' restaurant, or worse. From an antsy reader: "I'd love to know what's being done with the venerable-but-recently-defunct Lowenbrau Keller on Beverly. I've seen lots of comings and goings and I hate to think of such a bizarre old landmark being turned into a karaoke joint or something."

Well, friend, we can't make that promise. We heard it would become a lounge that would keep the famous decor intact, and we still only have breadcrumbs: The new tenant is Medusa, owned by the Wanton Group, which also backs one of the Chin Chin restaurants. We have no idea if the interior is the same or if it will be; we don't know if there will be karaoke or any other "entertainment." But we're about to find out. Stay tuned.
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