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Westwood Dish: Yamato Opens

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Sorry for the break in today's news. We have just a bit of Dish before the weekend. Settle in, folks. You don't want to get out on those messy streets right now anyway. Trust us on this.

While we were out battling those who forget how to drive when one drop of rain falls, we came across Yamato in Westwood. Yes, the new Japanese spot taking over the Eurochow space. The press release sitting in our inbox says it will open on Tuesday, December 4, but a tipster tells us it will soft-open this weekend. A peek inside today revealed a room teeming with workers, ladders everywhere, paint, dust, lift equipment---because those ceilings are 50-feet-high---and whos says they're trying to open tomorrow, Saturday. They'll have to work all night long if that's true. Other elements: Toshi Tamba, from Okada at the Wynn, is the chef; sushi chef Katsu Hanamure from Matsuhisa; a sushi bar, "sake wall," white marble floors, the dome. There's a large patio, too. A look, albeit blurry, after the jump.