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More Info About Villa

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For those who wondered about the crowds at newly opened Villa, partner Vincent Laresca emailed to explain that he, an actor, and Chuck Pacheco, a movie producer, are involved with the lounge alongside Reza Roohi. The two were original promoters for SBE, bringing the celeb-filled parties to Prey and Shelter, and opening Privilege and Area. So you know what kind of crowd will be at Villa. More from Laresca:

"The Vibe inside of Villa is going to be as if you are going to the best house party with the coolest 150 people. At Villa we want to create an escape from the craziness of a typical nightclub and the boredom of the other lounges in Los Angeles. It is a place where a musician can talk to a painter about art over a great cocktail or you can dance to the sounds of the coolest music you could ever imagine. On the weekends it transforms into an exclusive nightclub that reminds people of St. Tropez or Paris. It is open seven days a week and the list is kept very tight. We want to create an environment were it is a group of friends hanging out every night. Once you make it past the door, you are now one of our friends. We want to stay true to the history of the space, which is the oldest running bar in Southern California since 1919. It was a speakeasy during prohibition and a regular hangout for Errol Flyn, Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin. We want to continue in that tradition."
Huh. Did not know that. Now, if you're still dying to get in, it's the same old game: You either know the partners or someone who knows them, or you show up "dressed really nice with a smile and a good atitude." Translation: Ladies, boobage, lots of skin, willing to do anything to get in, or at least act like you will.
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