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EaterWire: Bite Becoming Cabo Cantina

VENICE BEACH: As if there aren't enough boozing spots near the beach in Venice, we just learned that Bite on Washington Boulevard will close on November 14 to reopen as yet another Cabo Cantina. Anyone get the feeling Cabo Cantina owner Milton Zampelli wants the world to be one giant, two-for-one margarita? He has locations in Brentwood, on the Sunset Strip and the Third Street Promenade, and he's trying to open one in Belmont Shores (and getting flack from the community). A staffer at the Bite told us that the Cabo Cantina might open as soon as November 21. Well, sure, all you need are some happy hour signs, a good stock of Corona, cloying sweet-and-sour mix, and grassy things to hang around the windows and *BAM* Cabo Cantina.
· Cabo Cantina has its critics [Long Beach Press-Telegram]

Cabo Cantina on Sunset from Lily Buckaroo, Flickr