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Romanov: Now More Russian, "Banquet Only"

When we heard Romanov in Studio City went to a Fri-Sun schedule and would have an even "more Russian" menu, we thought it meant the end. It's still might not be far off, but new details have finally surfaced: Parties of four or more can only order a prix fixe menu on Fridays and Sunday nights (a la carte for everyone else), and its prix fixe for any size party on Saturdays. The cost is high (ranging from $65 to $125), but the menu is huge, a seemingly endless supply of food, and groups of 10 get a bottle of vodka and a bottle of wine (which could be worth $5 each wholesale, we really don't know). On one hand, charging per person and keeping the place dark four nights week is one way to keep a business afloat. On the other, it could be a cry for help.
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