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Writers Strike: La Cachette Offers Free Valet

The trickle down effect has begun. Today the Hollywood Writers Strike officially started and at least one restuarant has slashed prices to keep what little business they expect to have over the next few weeks/months. As of today, La Cachette in Century City now offers free valet Mon-Fri during lunch. And yes, there's a press release about it:

“We’ve been here for 13 years and a great many of our clients are in the entertainment industry. We know that the strike will hurt many people, not just the Writers. We want to let our clients know we are thinking of them. Even though our valet parking fee was only $5.50, we know that during tough times that can be tough to swallow. We hope this small gesture helps take some of the sting out of the strike.”
Surely more will find a way to capitalize on the strike. Come across any "Writers Strike" restaurant deals? Did you finally score a seat at Insomnia Cafe because the table hogs are out picketing? Drop us a line as a customer, a restaurateur or just an observant strikewatcher.
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